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HEROIC: SABIN HOWARD SCULPTS THE NATIONAL WWI MEMORIAL is the story of one man’s superhuman quest to change the world with his monumental art.

film is also the story of a race against time.

Superhuman Film Productions has been accepted into the fiscal sponsorship program by the International Documentary Association.

We are happy to invite donors to be a part of the documenting of this historic project by donating to us via the IDA. Gifts are fully tax deductible as permitted by law.

THE SCULPTOR'S WIFE: A Love Story in Documentation

The much-anticipated unveiling of the World War I Memorial in Washington, D.C., set for September 13, 2024, becomes the vivid backdrop of Traci Lynn Slatton's award-winning short documentary, "A Sculptor's Wife." Delving deep into the monumental journey of art, love, and dedication, the film has captured the Best Documentary Short at the esteemed Impact Documentary Awards.

The documentary intimately captures the nuances of the relationship between Slatton and her husband, Master Sculptor Sabin Howard, as he races against time to sculpt the Memorial's 60-foot tableau with its 38 lifelike figures.

In tandem, Slatton is also at the helm of a more expansive project titled "Heroic." This making-of documentary promises to take audiences through the entire process, right from the moment of winning the bid for the memorial to its grand unveiling.

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Superhuman Film Productions is making the documentary HEROIC: SABIN HOWARD SCULPTS THE NATIONAL WWI MEMORIAL.